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Power through levels 1-50 & Beyond in ESO

Saturday, August 23rd, 2014

ESO Leveling & Questing – Level up your skills effectively!

The skill system in Elder Scrolls Online is designed so all players have access to any/all weapons and armor, allowing everyone access to all of the weapon skills. This helps to create the massive amount of skill options available to all ESO players. Obviously, skills scale with more of the attribute that they cost. All class skills cost Magicka, as does the restoration and destruction staff skill lines. All the other weapon skills cost Stamina (Bow, one hand/shield, two handed and dual wield) and those skill scale with the more Stamina you have. So take a look at your skills and what you want to level up when deciding if you need more Magicka or Stamina. The first thing you should do is make sure to get a good build

As you pick up and complete quests, have the skills you want to level up on your bar and use them. Have a range of skill lines to level simultaneously as you go through the leveling process, this will create many more options for your build once you get to veteran ranks. Do the same thing with armor; use 5 light, medium or heavy armor and one of each of the other. This way you’ll be leveling all three skill lines for armor giving you more options for your build should you decide to change roles. You can always switch out any of the skills at any time.

Crafting – Start investing skill points early!

Another thing that is highly recommended is to start on your crafting profession as soon as possible. There are lots of things you can craft, start out with a craft that allows you to create the most pieces for your character. For example, start with the clothing profession if your build requires light armor. Focus only on the one that will return the most value for your character. Always have Research going in blacksmithing, clothing and woodworking just in case you want to switch professions later. Use the hirelings that will bring you items everyday.

veteran rank leveling

veteran rank leveling

For faster leveling in ESO, get the Ring Of Mara! Once you have it, any XP you get is increased by 10%! Quests are what give you the most experience points so while you want to ‘level fast’, you also want to be sure to explore everything and kill everything! Quests can be a slow process in Elder Scrolls so you may want to pair up with a friend or a small group to get them done more quickly. Some players will want to balance their leveling speed and their exploring for maximum experience. Other players will want to level from 1 to 50 in a few days. Either way, you can find a good guide for leveling at eso universe regardless of how fast you want to level.

Dark Anchors and dungeons are a great way to earn exp with a buddy or small group and they are repeatable. You don’t get as much xp as with doing quests but it’s a good way to earn xp while gathering loot and gold at the same time. Don’t get me wrong, questing will earn a lot more exp and you should do as many of the quests as you can before resorting to dungeons for experience points! Level up your skills by reading all the books you can find on bookshelves you will find all over the place. You don’t have to actually read it if you don’t want to but they are good reads and some are quite funny. Reading books that give free skill points are especially useful for crafters as there aren’t many ways to level up your crafting skills without a cost involved.